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Guiding Reins is a non-profit equine-assisted therapy program dedicated to improving the quality of life for veterans, military personnel, first responders, and their families affected by mental, physical, emotional trauma and/or challenges.  We offer both ground and mounted therapy in individual and group sessions up to 3 participants at a time as well as group events throughout the year with certified instructors leading the sessions.  Our program is 16 weeks of weekly visits by the participants with observations and evaluations conducted by mental health and/or physical therapists, if needed.  Also, the farm-based locations of our program provide safe and private environments with kind and gentle horses, some of whom themselves have been rescued.

The success of equine assisted therapies and riding programs has been proven time and again, not only with physical challenges but also to enhance emotional connections and relieve mental stress among veterans.  We see the impact on our own participants firsthand through the pre- and post-session feedback questionnaires our participants complete. Most programs in our area offer services to a wide array of individuals, but do not specifically address trauma-induced illnesses among veteran populations.  Guiding Reins aims to fill that void and offer equine-assisted therapy services at no cost to this population through grants, fund raising and private donations.

Please visit our website for more information.  We also have a Facebook page and Instagram account with weekly photos and updates of our program.